Workshop as entry to osteosynthesis

Jan 13, 2023

MehrSafety in everyday clinic life

The HOW and WHY of a fracture treatment should better be clarified TODAY instead of TOMORROW. We want to provide more security for the daily routine in the clinic, so that your employee will soon be an important member of the surgical team and can shine in practice with the experience gained.

Practical experience in front of the operating theatre

The first practical experience during surgical training is usually gained on live patients in the clinic. We want to accompany the start much earlier and offer practical workshops for your future OR staff.


People at the workshop

Learn which 5 topics we cover

Whoever wants a Königsee Implants Basics Workshop visits, starts first with

  • Basics of osteosynthesis
  • Artificial bone wire cerclage
  • Fracture classifications
  • Introduction to standard osteosynthesis
  • Workshop with stable-angle and variable-angle implants

Following the basic course, it is possible to book an advanced course to deepen the knowledge and surgical technique.

The advanced course delivers what it promises

In the advanced course we deepen what we have already learned from the basic workshop. Our participants learn how to treat clavicle, humerus, radius and hand fractures in Module 1. Module 2 offers knowledge transfer of forefoot and hindfoot and femur restorations. In other words, lots of practice on artificial bone. You will find the dates for the individual modules hier.


Artificial bone with implant

TISS workshop a special highlight for doctors

Specifically ourTISS courses in Salzburg are very popular. The workshop on the transiliosacral screw is aimed at all those who want to acquire or deepen surgical skills with this new implant. Under the guidance of an experienced lecturer, we offer you a purely practical workshop on the thielfixed cadaver with the augmentable screw from Königsee Implants for transiliosacral treatment. Secure one of the popular places this year here.


How to continue after the workshop

After the workshop, you will have the opportunity to test our implants and instruments under professional surgical supervision. On a trial basis, we will also send out loan items afterwards in order to obtain direct feedback from the practising doctor or experienced operating theatre staff. Your sales representative will contact you a few days after the workshop.