The company bee: sustainability and nature conservation right on our doorstep

Apr 10, 2024

In April of this year, we launched an innovative sustainability project: The company bee has moved in with us! With the aim of making an active contribution to the environment and biodiversity, we decided to harbour our own bee colony. This project combines environmental protection, social responsibility and business benefits in an impressive way.

Herbs, bee

Die Vorteile für Unternehmen

1. ecological benefits: A bee colony can pollinate millions of flowers every day, which contributes to the preservation of plant diversity. Since 80% of plant pollination depends on bees, each bee colony supports the regional flora and contributes to biodiversity.

2. image enhancement: companies that are committed to the environment and sustainability improve their public image. Customers, partners and employees appreciate this commitment and see it as a sign of responsibility and foresight.

3. delicious company honey: The honey produced can be used as a gift for customers and employees. This is not only a sign of appreciation, but also a unique and personalised gift that will be positively remembered.


Our bee colony in detail

Our beehive consists of three wooden frames that provide space for up to 50,000 bees. The lower frame is for the brood, while the upper two are used for honey production. Our busy bees visit up to 4,000 flowers every day, making a significant contribution to pollination and the preservation of plant diversity within a radius of up to three kilometres around our company premises.
Sustainability in action

The bees are looked after and cared for by experienced beekeepers who take care of everything – from the regular inspection of the bee colony to the honey harvest. This enables us to ensure that our bees are always in top condition and can realise their full potential. In the event of a total loss, a replacement colony is provided within a week.
A sign for the future

With the company bee, we are sending out a strong signal in favour of sustainability and environmental protection. This project shows how easy it can be to make a contribution to saving the bee population and strengthen your own corporate image at the same time. Our bees are not only hard-working labourers, but also ambassadors for sustainable action and for the responsibility we bear towards our environment.

Be part of this movement and support nature right on your doorstep! You can find more information and find out how you can hire a bee colony for your company at