The importance of bees and bumblebees

Mar 14, 2024

It’s finally spring and therefore the perfect time to do something good for the environment. From March to September, bees and bumblebees search for flowers and their pollen, which they use as food. With our “flower meadow” campaign, we want to make it easier for the little ones and at the same time ensure more diversity in the garden.

The importance of bees and bumblebees

There are many different insects in our gardens, including bees and bumblebees, of course. The more than 600 bee species can be divided into honey bees and wild bees, with the latter forming a clear majority. There are just nine species of honeybee in the world, only one of which is found in Germany. Both species play a key role in ensuring that our meadows bloom so colourfully and that fruit and vegetable crops bear fruit. However, very few people realise that honey bees only play a tiny part in pollination. Wild bees, on the other hand, can pollinate up to 5,000 flowers a day, which means that a whole colony can pollinate over 3 million flowers.

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The importance of wild bees and their support

We want to support wild bees with our “flower meadow” campaign. Each species takes care of a very specific plant, which is why it is so problematic if we take away their habitat and thus their food source. Once threatened, it is difficult for the bees to recover. To do this, they need a variety of plants that we humans are crowding out.

Realisation of the action

Green meadows are very popular in German gardens, but offer no benefit for insects. A flower meadow is much more suitable – and above all more beautiful. Our sachets contain enough seeds for a whole square metre. Of course, it would be best if you could get more seeds on your own initiative and create a much larger area for wildflowers.

Competition and conclusion

We want to do something good for the environment, because we have a duty to do so. That’s why we’ve launched a small competition to find the most beautiful photo of your wildflower meadow. Send it to us by the end of August at the latest, the winner will be announced on 30 September and will receive a surprise prize. We look forward to seeing your pictures – and thank you for supporting the wild bees.

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