Our brand new screw drive TOBI® Drive revolutionises your work with our Radius 2.4 systems. With its unique features, TOBI® Drive offers a safe and reliable connection that will improve the way you work.

TOBI® Drive makes bolting easier and more efficient

TOBI® Drive is more than just a screw drive. It ensures a secure and self-retaining connection so you can focus on the precision of your work. With TOBI® Drive, you always have full control when inserting screws, without worrying about them falling off.

The innovative and patented TOBI® Drive system has been developed with quality and durability in mind. So you save time and money. We are also proud that TOBI® Drive is sustainably produced in Germany, which not only protects the environment but also secures local jobs.

Animation TOBI® Drive System

Simplified pick-up due to patented self-holding function

The TOBI® Drive system enables a precise and reliable connection between screw and screwdriver. The connection can be made by inserting the screw by hand or directly from the holder in the tray. After screwing in and locking the screw in the implant, the screwdriver is moved slightly back and forth to release the connection.

Experience the product in 3D

Navigation on the PC:

  • Left mouse button: Rotate view
  • Right mouse button: Move view
  • Scroll wheel: enlarge/reduce view

Navigation on mobile devices:

  • Move one finger: Rotate view
  • Move two fingers together: Move view
  • Slide two fingers apart/together: Enlarge/reduce view
  • “AR” button in the right corner activates the augmented reality view.
    This allows you to make the product appear on the table surface, for example.

Available products

The TOBI® Drive system is now available for our popular Radius 2.4 and Radius 2.4 Watershed-Systems.

The TOBI® Drive system was developed to meet the highest medical demands. It provides a reliable connection between screw and screwdriver.

You get this first-class solution with our Radius 2.4 and Radius 2.4 Watershed-Systems. ZDo not hesitate to contact us for more information about TOBI® Drive and its integration with our Radius 2.4 products. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.


Contact us today to learn more about integrating the TOBI® Drive system into your Radius 2.4 or Radius 2.4 Watershed-System and reap the benefits for your operations.