Distal radius plate 2.4 Watershed vas

Art. no. 5.08373.0X

The anatomically configured Watershed versions with steep palmar adjustment angle to allow positioning under the Watershed line and to protect flexion, features a flattened plate end so the plate can be inserted with minimum damage to tissue.

Surgical treatment of the radius fracture with the radius plate 2.4 Watershed variable angle-stable

Weicht die Biegung der winkelstabilen Radiusplatte von der individuellen anatomischen Form ab oder liegt die Platte nicht zentral auf, bietet die variabel winkelstabile Verschraubung dennoch Behandlungsmöglichkeiten.

Fadenfixationslöcher ermöglichen die Fixation des Musculus pronator quadratus direkt an der Platte zur Remodellierung und besseren Durchblutung des dorsalen distalen Radius und Verbesserung der Pronationsfähigkeit und Pronationskraft.  

Variabel winkelstabile Löcher ermöglichen den wahlweisen Einsatz von Standardschrauben oder winkelstabilen Kortikalisschrauben Ø 2.4 mm.







  • Anatomically configured Watershed versions with steep palmar adjustment angle for placing under the Watershed series and protecting the bending and extendor tendons of the distal radius 
  • Variable angle-stable screw joint offers treatment options for different anatomical forms
  • The minimised plate thickness of 1.8 mm causes less irritation to the soft tissues
  • Anatomically optimised screw position for fixing the styloid process
  • Flattened plate end so the plate can be introduced with minimum damage to tissue
  • The option of fixing the pronator quadratus directly to the plate means better blood circulation in the dorsal distal radius and improved pronation capability and strength.
  • Innovative thread design in the plate hole for improved screw locking
  • Optimised thread geometry in the screw shaft
  • Pin with head thread – can be used optionally for fracture support in the second row of screws
  • Integrated plate opening for the reduction of intra-articular fragments and filling bone defects with cancellous bone or bone substitute material
  • Combination holes / variable angle-stable head area for Ø 2.4 mm angle-stable cortical screws or Ø 2.4 mm angle-stable pins in the second distal row
  • Elongated hole facilitates alignment of the plate with the bone
  • Fixation holes for Kirschner wires
  • 7 holes in the distal plate region
  • 3/4 holes
  • Head width: 23 mm
  • Length: 50 mm/ 59 mm
  • Titanium
Other designs
  • No further designs available


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