Distal radius plate 2.4 vas

Art. no. 5.08X73.XX
The distal radius plate 2.4 is features a variable angle-stable design with an anatomically optimised screw system to secure the styloid process, while the novel thread design in the plate hole improves screw locking.
  • Angle-stable and/or variable angle-stable holes in the plate head for secure fixation of bone fragments
  • Anatomically formed, variable fixed angle plate-screw system
  • Different plate versions for left and right
  • If the curvature of the angle-stable radius plate deviates from the individual anatomical form or if the plate is not centred, the variable angle-stable screw joint still provides options for treatment
  • The minimised plate thickness of 1.8 mm causes less irritation to the soft tissues
  • Anatomically optimised screw length for fixation of the styloid process with up to three screws
  • Flattened plate end so the plate can be introduced with minimum damage to tissue
  • Suture fixation holes enable fixation of the pronator quadratus directly to the plate for remodelling and better blood circulation in the dorsal distal radius and improvement of pronation capability and strength.
  • Various plate versions for individual treatment
  • Innovative thread design in the plate hole for improved screw locking
  • Optimised thread geometry in the screw shaft
  • Screw tip designed to minimise damage to soft tissue
  • Pin with head thread
  • Optional use in the second row
  • Combination holes enable the optional use of standard screws or fixed angle cortical screws with a diameter of 2.4 mm
  • Integrated plate opening for the reduction of intra-articular fragments and filling bone defects with cancellous bone or bone substitute material
  • Combination holes in shaft for standard or Ø 2.4 mm angle-stable cortical screws
  • Variable angle-stable holes in head area for Ø 2.4 mm angle-stable cortical screws or Ø 2.4 mm angle-stable pins in the second distal row
  • Elongated hole facilitates alignment of the plate with the bone
  • Fixation holes for Kirschner wires
  • Anatomically adapted plate shape
  • The integrated plate opening allows intra-articular fragments to be reduced with additional instruments and defects can be filled with cancellous bone or bone substitute material
  • Fixation holes for Kirschner wires
  • 7 holes in the distal plate region (narrow)
  • 9 holes in the distal plate region (wide)
  • 2 – 12 shaft holes
  • Head width: 23 mm (narrow) and 28 mm (wide)
  • Length: 46 – 131 mm 
  • Titanium
Other designs
  • Available in narrow and wide designs


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