Successful completion: Sascha Korn passes final examination in conventional turning at Königsee Implantate

Feb 29, 2024

Today is a special day for us at Königsee Implantate, because we are delighted to announce that our apprentice Sascha Korn has passed his final examination in conventional turning in our training workshop with flying colours!

„The last 1.5 weeks were characterised by intensive preparation. Our aim was for Sascha to achieve at least 91.25 points in order to receive an overall grade of 2. Sascha took on this challenge with great dedication and professionalism right from the start. ” says Sirko Heinlein, Head of Training. His calm, focussed and reliable way of working impressed not only his trainers, but also his colleagues.

Presentation of certificates

Success is the result of personal performance and the commitment of our trainers

Thuringian Forest in winter

Sascha’s ability to plan work and his skill in dealing with situational discussions are particularly noteworthy. These skills are evidence of a mature personality and a strong sense of responsibility, which is highly valued at Königsee Implantate.

We are delighted to announce that Sascha has not only achieved his goal, but has even surpassed it. With a proud 96 points, he completed his practical examination with the top mark of 1 – an outstanding achievement that impressed us all!

Sascha’s success is not only the result of his personal performance, but also a testament to the intensive and high-quality training we offer at Königsee Implantate. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Heinlein for his commitment and outstanding work during his training.

From 29 February 2024, Sascha Korn will be a permanent member of our team as a skilled worker in the field of CNC turning. His success is not only a personal milestone, but also an enrichment for our company that we look back on with pride.

We wish Sascha all the best for his future career and look forward to celebrating many more successes with him!