New trainees start at the beginning of September

Aug 9, 2022

For the last 10 years, Königsee Implantate has every year employed at least two trainees and, three of these have also been awarded best in year for Thuringia. This year we are employing three again; two men, and one woman. Even in the past Königsee Implantate trained young women in men’s jobs.


We do not base training on need. Managing Director Frank Orschler sees is as a company duty to offer young people sound training, regardless of whether they go on to stay in the company or seek employment elsewhere. What is important is that what we offer is consistent, and that young people are aware of Königsee Implantate, whether online or offline, at school, in clubs or at home. We present the company at jobs fares, in local schools and we host school classes in our company. We also support local events, be they cultural or sport, because we need to reach not only the young person, but also their parents, who will have some input too. This continuity along speaks for itself, especially in the rural environment of Königsee. There is not the same potential here as there is in metropolitan areas. This is why Königsee Implantate offers a great package for its trainees.

Training is held in the internal company training centre in close-by Unterschöbling. This is deliberately separate from the company site, to allow the trainees to focus exclusively on their training in the first two years. The modernised former holiday camp offers the trainees everything under a single roof. From practical training on the ground floor, to the theory rooms on the first floor and the four different large apartments for accommodation.

At Königsee Implantate, trainees are not simply dumped in production; first and foremost they are expected to learn, try things out, get creative and implement their own ideas and suggestions for improvement, such as the wire assembly machine. This is used to rewind special wire for surgery from a large to a small roll so that it can be used in practical pieces in the operating theatre. Another project in the trainee workshop was the sustainable design of the solar farm next to the company headquarters. There, the trainees had the task of sowing seeds for herbs and grasses so that the areas were soon covered in plants and teaming with life. Together with their trainer, they built insect hotels and shelters for lizards, beetles and co. In the future, with the help of bees from a local beekeeper, we will even produce our own honey in our sustainable solar farm.

We put sustainability first and that starts in training. In Unterschöbling, we have created the first energy self-sufficient training centre in Germany. The PV system produces enough electricity for the day and the surplus is stored in a Tesla battery for the night. Not only is the training centre run with the energy we produce ourselves, all other locations are also fitted with PV systems. Heat recovery, rainwater utilisation, environmentally friendly sterile packaging, resource conservation through building recycling and the use of e-cars as company cars are further milestones on our journey towards “GreenImplant” and EMAS certification. 

During training, the young people should not just gain the technical know-how but also an understanding of where sustainability starts. We see it as our duty to shape a green future together with them.