Interim balance of our trainees

Feb 9, 2023

Interim balance of our trainees

On 01.09.2022, we, Cassian Kress and Anastasia Simann, began our training as cutting machine operators at Königsee Implantate. We started with the basics of training, filing, drilling and understanding technical drawings.

First time standing at a machine

After we had internalised this for a month, we joyfully went to the conventional machines, starting with turning. Through various tasks and the instructive training by our trainer Mr. Sirko Heinlein, we were able to acquire the skills of turning well and quickly. He imparted a lot of knowledge to us through his many years of experience as a trainer and has been the company’s training manager since 01.01.2023.

Project work that is fun

However, we did not make a handling device like the other apprenticeship years before. Instead, we dedicate ourselves completely to different projects, such as a drill stand or a table football. The aim of these projects is to improve the skills on the machines. We can proudly say that we are witnessing a good apprenticeship.

Different professions but one team

Erik Habermann and Justin-Pascale Hellmann are both in their second year of apprenticeship. Erik, the only machine operator among us, will finish his apprenticeship this year in June after two years and is currently in prototyping. Justin, who is also one of the machinists, still has two years to go before he becomes a fully-fledged skilled worker. In the second year of his apprenticeship, he learned how to operate the CNC milling machine and also learned the PAL language, which is relevant for exams, through a training course. He is currently in the middle of intensive preparations for his intermediate examination on 23.03.2023.

Takeover upon successful completion of training

Sascha Korn, the third year of apprenticeship. He completed the first two years and the intermediate examination with us in the training workshop. He is currently in the company’s turning shop and will continue to support Königsee Implantate there after completing his fourth year of apprenticeship.