How important bees are for all of us

Jan 25, 2023

As a sustainable company, we have made it our mission to sensitise our environment to the issue of bee health. Honey bees are of great importance to us humans, because it is only through their tireless pollination work that our food can grow and thrive.

Solar park as a biotope

Last year we did a lot of work in the area of the solar park. After the installation of the photovoltaic system, the entire area was filled with topsoil and then the seeds for the wildflowers were spread. Already in early summer it was a paradise. That’s when the idea of having our own honey bees was born. But by 2022 it was already too late to settle the bees here.

Local beekeeper as partner

We contacted the local beekeeper and agreed that the bees should move in on the site in spring 2023. Recently, news reached us. Things are not looking good for the bees.

Bees dying due to too high temperature fluctuations

Spring-like temperatures and then freezing cold again make life difficult for the sensitive insects. Temperatures that are too warm make the bees become active, they start to breed and consume more of their important honey supply. If there is then a cold snap, the brood dies and the food supplies in the hive become scarce. It is not until mid-March that the beekeeper can actually judge whether the bees have survived and can move in with us.