Be an enthusiastic maker

Jan 12, 2023

A promise to us

If we take a closer look at the medical sector, we have to realise that working and living sustainably is not that easy here. A simple example from everyday life. A patient is admitted to the emergency room with heart problems. He first gets a blood pressure measurement, a blood sample plus an IV and an ECG. Later, during the preceding anamnesis, an X-ray of the heart and lungs is ordered and another blood sample is taken. For the X-ray, the attached electrodes are removed. The X-ray is carried out and then new electrodes, which are packed several times, are attached. Within a short time, we have produced a lot of packaging waste, roughly a 5-litre rubbish bag full. So the question is, how can each individual manufacturer design his product more sustainably? Sure we are subject to strict approval and application rules, but haven’t we made some products or their packaging worse?

Be honest, who can stop this trend? Anywhere? Anyone? Us?

We have decided to make our products more sustainable. This starts with the purchase of raw materials and ends with the packaging. Every single step is constantly scrutinised and checked for optimisation potential.

Our solar park has been in operation since the end of 2021, enabling us to produce our implants self-sufficiently. We started much earlier, with individual small stand-alone systems.

For the future, we want to avoid plastic whenever possible. Do without chemicals wherever possible and push ahead with research to accelerate the development of sustainable materials.

What do you do? Be a maker!