International Trauma Course

International Trauma Course

In this innovative course, you will learn and practice established and new surgical techniques on human cadaveric specimens. The specimens feature complex fracture in a closed soft tissue and reflect a realistic injury with all its challenges. This course concept allows for comprehensive trauma management. From case planning using x-Rays and CT scans, to discussion of reduction techniques, to hands-on exercises in the Wetlab Center. This is followed by a plenary discussion of the results based on intraoperative and postoperative imaging. The hands-on course concept combines state-of-the-art technologies and teaches the treatment of various complex fractures in an impressively realistic format. This innovative course format allows for a high learning effect through realistic application and interactive discussions.

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Participation fee for hands-on-course in Cologne: 750,- € (incl. VAT).
The live stream is for everyone free of charge.

The points for participation are applied for CME.


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