Obituary for a strong-willed visionary and entrepreneur

Nov 14, 2023

Obituary for a strong-willed visionary and entrepreneur

We say farewell to a man who, in times of upheaval and challenge, demonstrated the courage and boldness to go his own way. In the difficult post-reunification years, marked by the liquidation of many GDR companies, he dared to do the impossible: he founded a new company in our beautiful Thuringian region at the age of 58.

Otto Bock’s outsourced product division “Osteosynthesis” gave birth to this remarkable company. Despite all of the criticism and setbacks, he had faith in the people of our region. He turned his idea into reality with impressive confidence and visionary determination, creating a company that would have been unthinkable without him.

His legacy extends far beyond the company’s founding and development. He leaves us not only with a successful company, but also with a community held together by his faith and vision. Each of us owes him the opportunity to be a part of something larger than the workplace.

Erich Orschler was not only a successful businessman, but also a person with a strong personality and tenacity. While driving the company forward, he never lost sight of his employees’ well-being. We cherish the many special moments and personal experiences he shared with us, such as cooking for us, bringing us flowers, or surprising us with ice cream in the summer. The lavish Christmas parties he organised with infectious joy are legendary.

We bid farewell to a great visionary, entrepreneur, and, above all, an endearing person with deep appreciation and gratitude. His memory will live on in our organisation and in our hearts.