LSAAS libyan society of Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy

Mar 10, 2023


Königsee supports the Libyan Society for Orthopedics and Arthroscopy.

The Libyan Society of Arthroplasty and Arthroscopic Surgery (LSASS) has tasked itself with contributing to improving the country’s health system. The aim is to unite surgeons across the country to unify and provide medical professionals with new knowledge through workshops, conferences and regular events.

Despite all the difficulties and obstacles, the company is determined to achieve the goals set, to facilitate access to knowledge and transfer it to the younger generation of doctors. LSASS has made it its mission to organize awareness campaigns to bring orthopedic surgery closer to the public. At the same time, acceptance of cooperation with medical service providers should also be promoted.
As a manufacturer of implants in this area, we support this development with events and workshops to enable surgeons to learn new surgical techniques and innovative implants.

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