Diospi Suyana – Königsee Implantate’s heart project

Mar 9, 2023

Implantat, Spenden

Diospi Suyana – Königsee Implantate’s heart project

A few days ago, our Managing Director Mr. Orschler received a thank-you message via Whats App from Dr. F. Meiswinkel himself, for the many donated implants. There is a lot of poverty in Peru, especially among the Quechua Indians. Diospi Suyana, as the project is called, offers comprehensive medical help. The clinic is equipped with 55 beds, 4 operating theatres, an intensive care unit, a laboratory and X-ray facilities.



You can also donate

Donation is participation. To run the mission hospital in the long term, volunteers, supporters and about $60,000 per month are needed. You can make your contribution to make the lives of these people a little better. Help.


Mission hospital an idea from Thuringia

Diosp Suyana is an association that was founded in 2002 in Tabarz/Thuringia to help the mountain Indians in Peru. The association coordinates all necessary measures for the construction and maintenance of the mission hospital. It was able to open its doors in 2007. A children’s house was handed over in 2021 and a school in 2014.