Delivery schedules, Ukraine conflict

Mar 7, 2022

We are following the escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict with great concern. But we would like to reassure you that we are not facing supply shortfalls. At the moment, we can supply all our products even at short notice. However, please keep an eye on the delivery times of suppliers.

Königsee Implantate remains able to deliver

Königsee Implantate GmbH is aware of the critical situation in the acquisition sector and has already taken precautionary steps. Our warehouses are currently well-stocked and we are in the process of increasing our stocks further still. Unfortunately we too are forced to pass on price fluctuations that are currently at play. 

This does not concern the rise in energy prices. This is because since July this year we are self-sufficient at all our sites with photovoltaic systems. Our production sites, our company headquarters and our training centre are even 100% self-sufficient and “green”, as the systems are so efficient that they produce twice as much energy as we need.  

This not only ensures the company’s energy supply for the future, but we also feed enough energy back into the grid, that we can supply the energy we produce in our solar farm to the area around us. So the energy supply crisis caused by the Ukraine conflict has simply passed us by.  

None of the detrimental effects of this conflict should not have a significant impact on our business relations.  

If you have any questions, we are happy to help.



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