VaWiKo® tibia head plate 4.0

Art. no. 5.7073.604

  • VaWiKo® holes allow the use of Ø 4.0 mm angle-stable and standard screws
  • Refixation of capsule and meniscus base with sutures through separate, undercut openings measuring 1.8 mm in diameter in the proximal plate edge
  • Proximal row of screws to insert 4 or 5 screws, directly subchondral to securely support the entire plateau area after reconstruction
  • Separate impactors allow indented articular surface fragments in all areas of the plateau to be reduced through the integrated opening in the plate.
  • Plate opening to reduce the articular surface using impactors
  • Kirschner wire holes for Kirschner wires Ø 1.8 mm for temporary plate fixation and reduction of fracture fragments
  • Uniform plate versions for left and right
  • Titanium
  • Plate thickness 3 mm
  • 6 head holes (narrow)
  • 7 head holes (broad)
  • 4 holes / 88 mm
  • 8 holes / 140 mm
Other designs
    Also available in wide options.