VaWiKo® proximal humerus plate 4.0/3.5

Art. no. 5.07913.XX
  • Guide frame for minimally invasive approach
  • Guide block for the head area, for easy fitting
  • Suitable for deltopectoral and deltoid-splitting approach
  • Optimal adjustment of plate height using the guide block
  • Temporary fixation of plate and guide block regardless of screw application
  • Improved ability to fix the tubercle to the plate through optimised penetration with surgical needles
  • The surgeon can choose between three angle-stable screw types for the head holes in the plate head – Ø 3.5 mm cortical/ Ø 4.0 mm cortical and Ø 4.0 mm cancellous
  • Removal of metal made easier by the TiOB® surface coating on the plates (type II anodising)
  • No additional risk to vital ventromedial blood supply
  • Access to greater tubercle, frequently subject to dorso-cranial dislocation
  • The reduction result can easily be reviewed by means of craniocaudal X-ray images
  • Easy to manipulate fragments using sutures
  • Can also be used to treat existing (partial) rotator cuff tears
  • 8 head holes
  • Variable angle-stable
  • Titanium
  • For screws Ø 4.0/3.5 mm
  • Plate thickness: 3 mm
  • Surface: TiOB®
  • Combination holes in shaft for standard or Ø 3.5 mm angle-stable cortical screws
  • Variable angle-stable holes in the head area for Ø 4.0 mm angle-stable cancellous screws, Ø 4.0 mm angle-stable cortical screws or Ø 3.5 mm angle-stable cortical screws
  • Elongated hole for intra-operative alignment of the plate
  • Fixation holes for Kirschner wires
  • Fixation holes for rotator cuff refixation
  • Uniform plate versions for left and right
  • Anatomical fit for the humeral head
  • Divergent screw position in the head area
  • The guide block can be used to assist with angle-stable fixation in the head holes
  • Available lengths: 77 mm to 157 mm (8/3-hole to 8/8-hole)
  • The system name VaWiKo® is derived from the German designation “Variabel winkelstabile Kombination”, which translates into English as “variable angle-stable combination”. This system combines conventional plating technologies with angle-stable locking at variable angles.
  • VaWiKo® is a trademark of Königsee Implantate GmbH, which is registered in Germany.
  • TiOB® is a trademark of Königsee Implantate GmbH, registered in the EU countries, in Switzerland and in the USA.
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