Distal radius plate 2.0/ 3.5 as, dorsal

Art. no. 5.89X.X3

The angle-stable distal dorsal radius plate 2.0 is available for left and right. With its adapted anatomical Y-shape and the special elongated hole, the plate is easily and quickly aligned on the bone.

Surgical treatment of the radius fracture with the distal radius plate 2.0/3.5 dorsal

Almost all distal radius fractures can be surgically treated with the distal radius plate 2.0/3.5 for dorsal or palmar plate osteosynthesis. The anatomical form of the plates in combination with its angle stability enable the stable treatment of all extra-articular and almost all intra-articular fractures without supplementary measures.
Various plate designs are available.


  • Angle-stable holes in the plate head for secure fixation of the bone fragments
  • Various plate versions for individual treatment
  • Suitable for use on osteoporotic bone
  • No secondary correction losses
  • No intra-operative corrections necessary
  • No additional damage to the extensor tendons
  • Lister’s tubercle remains intact
  • Direct support of the dorsal debris zone
  • Fixation of even small fragments possible
  • Anatomically adapted position of the angle-stable screws Ø 2.0 mm
  • Secure fixation of the ulnar edge fragment
  • Early functional post-operative measures
  • The mechanical strength of the two distal shaft screws, which are subjected to the greatest forces, is significantly higher because they are screwed in only once.
  • Angle-stable holes in the head region for Ø 2.0 mm angle-stable cortical screws
  • Standard holes in shaft area for standard cortical screws Ø 3.5 mm
  • Anatomically adapted plate shape
  • Different plate versions for left and right
  • Y-shape adapted to the anatomy of the dorsal radius (preservation of the Lister’s tubercle)
  • Elongated hole facilitates alignment of the plate with the bone
  • 4/5 holes in the distal plate region
  • Width: 28 mm / 33 mm
  • Length: 63 mm
  • Titanium
  • Included in sets 19.436.00, 19.436.00PS, 19.436.00PS+ and 19.436.10
  • Suitable instruments in set 19.436.00I
Other designs
  • No further designs available


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