WiKo® Proximal Femur Osteotomy Plate 3.5/6.0

Art. no. 4.6402.0X0X
  • The WiKo® proximal femur Osteotomy Plate 3.5/6.0 has been developed for angle-stable fixation of the bone fragments after varisation and/or derotation osteotomy at the coxal end of the femur in children.
  • The angle-stable cannulated Ø 6.0 mm screw facilitates implantation over the positioned Kirschner wire.
  • Angle-stable, anatomically aligned screws provide excellent fixation of the plate on the bone and thus ensure stable osteosynthesis.
  • The slim plate design and the countersunk construction of the screw heads enhance patient comfort and minimise the risk of soft tissue irritation.
  • Angle-stable fixation incorporates all of the advantages of the known properties of internal fixation.
  • A DC-hole in the shaft area allows the necessary level of compression to the osteotomy gap.
  • Uniform plate versions for left and right.
  • Application radius for improved adaptation to bone and increased implant stability.
  • Steel
  • Displacement 4 -8
  • Angle-stable plating system
  • Compression hole
  • Uniform plate versions for left and right
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Anatomical screw direction of head holes
  • of 110°
  • Various displacements
Other designs
  • Various displacements available