VaWiKo® Lapidus plate 3.5 plantar

Art. no. 5.2923.02

  • Variable angle-stable combination compression hole for 5 screw options: Standard; angle-stable; variable angle-stable; standard compression; angle-stable compression
  • Two variable angle-stable plate holes for Ø 3.5 mm screws; Head 5.0
  • Oval hole for a standard screw joint
  • Kirschner wire holes for temporary fixation of the plate
  • Anatomically shaped side-specific plate design
  • Greater primary stability and lower rate of pseudarthrosis than the dorsal and medial plate or screw osteosynthesis
  • Optimised biomechanics with plantar plate fixation and compression of the arthrosis when load-bearing
  • The plate position reduces plantar shift of the fusion when load-bearing
  • Lower risk of iatrogenic elevation of the first metatarsal
  • Good coverage of the plate by the abductor hallucis muscle
  • Minimally invasive due to small plate size
  • Option of dynamic compression
  • Early load-bearing osteosynthesis without correction loss
  • Hole Ø 5
  • Plate thickness 2.0 mm
  • Length 41 mm
  • Width 13 mm
  • 4 holes
Other designs
    No further designs available.