VaWiKo® EPI plate

Art. no. 5.6983.21XX

Knock knees, bow legs or leg length discrepancies can be corrected with the VaWiKo® EPI plate and a minimally invasive procedure. We developed and manufactured this plate together with renowned paediatric surgeons. The plate measures 3 cm and is made of the well-tolerated material titanium.

Surgical treatment with the VaWiKo EPI plate


The upper and lower extremities in children may not grow at an even rate. This may be due to congenital anomalies, infections or injury. This abnormal growth often also leads to joint malpositions in the extremities (valgus or varus malposition). A minimally invasive procedure using hemiepiphyseodesis may be used to correct these limb malpositions.

Another procedure that slows down growth and preserves the growth plate is epiphyseodesis. This is used if there is a length discrepancy of a bone, but where the axial position is not a concern. Here two plates are applied on the bone over the growth plate. They remain in place until the length difference is resolved on both sides of the growth plate.



EPI plate
  • Defined bending point in the centre of the implant for controlled contouring to the bone
  • After defining the position on the periosteum, displacement-free placement using two terminal small claws
  • The low-contact contouring of the underside is gentle on the periosteum.
  • The slim plate design and countersunk screw heads help to protect the soft tissue
  • Pure titanium, TiOB®-coated*
  • With or without claw
  • Plate lengths 24 mm or 28 mm
  • Plate width 10 mm
  • Plate thickness 1.8 mm
  • Number of holes: 2
  • Hole distance 12 or 16 mm
  • Target bending point
  • Screws Ø 4.0 mm



Other designs
  • Available with and without claws