VaWiKo® distal fibula plate 3.5

Art. no. 5.07813.06

  • VaWiKo® holes allow the use of Ø 3.5 mm angle-stable and standard screws
  • Slim plate design with recessed screw heads
  • Helps preserve soft tissue
  • The VaWiKo® lateral distal fibula plate allows the ankle anatomy to be correctly restored in
  • length and rotation with stable retention of the
  • anatomically reduced fracture in all directions
  • Distal anchorage with 4 screws provides sufficient stability for early functional post-operative measures with load-bearing, even in osteoporotic bone.
  • Kirschner wire holes allow temporary fixation
  • Distal plate end anatomically adjusted
  • Option to position one and/or two set screws
  • Treatment of longitudinal fractures with a range of plate lengths
  • Uniform plate versions for left and right
  • 2 – 7 holes
  • Lengths 83 mm – 148 mm
  • The system name VaWiKo® is derived from the German designation “Variabel winkelstabile Kombination”, which translates into English as “variable angle-stable combination”. This system combines conventional plating technologies with angle-stable locking at variable angles.
  • VaWiKo® is a trademark of Königsee Implantate GmbH, which is registered in Germany.
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