TIS™ screw 7.5 st sd

Art. no. 3.530.XX

  • Percutaneous treatment
  • Screw diameter of Ø 7.5 mm allows the use of a stable Ø 2.8 mm guide wire.
  • Positioning the screw before cement is applied
  • Specially designed application system
  • Reduced risk of dislocation of the cement and complications such as nerve compression and embolism
  • Fully threaded self drilling and self tapping
  • Partially threaded self drilling, back tapping and self tapping
  • Can be implanted with and without a washer
  • The cannulated and fenestrated TIS™ screws allow precise and dosed cementing in osteoporotic bone, after checking the screw position. Depending on the compression required in the fracture or joint space, a fully or partially threaded screw can be used.
  • TiOB® surface
  • Fully threaded length 50 mm-165 mm
  • The lengths 170 mm
  • 200 mm of the fully threaded TIS screws are only available in 5 mm increments individually sterile packed.
  • The name TIS™ is derived from the term “Transiliosacral screw”.
  • Products which feature the “™” sign are trademarks of Königsee Implantate GmbH.
Other designs
    The SPASY™ cement application system allows the horizontal TIS™ screws to be safely and quickly located through the guide tube and ensures safe and clean cement application. The TIS screw is also available partially threaded.