Set Dynamic Epiphyseal Telescopic Screw

Set Art-No 19.501.00

For the operative orthopedic treatment of epiphysiolysis of capitis femoris in adolescents.

Surgical treatment with the DET screw


In slipping angles < 30 °, such in-situ fixation is sufficient; if the slipping angle > 30 °, a three-dimensional intertrochanteric
correction osteotomy (Imhäuser-Weber-OT) must be performed
in addition to the in-situ screw connection in order to correctly
set the epiphysis to the acetabulum.

In any case, the opposite side must also be secured against
slipping with in situ fixation (prophylactic screwing).

DET screw with bone
  • Telescoping implant
  • Easy implantation / explantation
  • Clear instrumentation
  • Safe stable power carrier
  • DET-screw Ø 7.0 mm thread 7.0 mm; inside Ø 2.2 mm
    selftapping; backtapping; stainless steel, length 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 mm
  • DET-screw sleeve Ø 7.5 mm
    inside Ø 5.6 mm; stainless steel, length 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 mm
Other designs
  • no further versions available

Product overview DET screw

Set overview DET screw

Teaser paediatric osteosynthesis




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