Art. no. 19.422.00

    The instrument philosophy takes into account tissue-sparing application and is based on the tie-rod principle. The instruments are always guided through the surgical entry from above to the situs; it is not necessary to go around the bone with reduction forceps. The access opening therefore does not have to be expanded to be able to insert the reduction instruments. The bone fragments are retracted with the specially manufactured wire, the compression attachment then retains the fracture and/or the plate.
    REP – RET includes the instruments for reducing and retaining a fracture to prepare for a definitive osteosynthesis. The REP-RET system allows manufacturer- and model-independent plate retention on the bone, even with minimally invasive plate osteosyntheses. There is also the option of fracture reduction directly “over the plate” with stable-angle implants for later retention.
Other designs
    Available for mini, small and large fragments.