Proximal humerus plate 6.0/4.5 as

Art. no. 5.795.XX

The angle-stable proximal humerus plates allow the surgeon to treat simple and complex proximal humeral fractures. Treating these fractures is particularly challenging in terms of bone reconstruction because of the anatomical features of the purely soft-tissue-guided shoulder joint.

Surgical treatment with angle-stable proximal humerus plate for 6.0/4.5 screws

This implant was designed with a focus on providing a precise anatomical fit and the ideal divergent screw position in the area of the humeral head. The plate is suitable for a deltopectoral and deltoid-splitting approach.



  • Suitable for deltopectoral and deltoid-splitting approach
  • The tubercle can be fixed to the plate through optimised penetration with surgical needles
  • No additional risk to vital ventromedial blood supply
  • Access to greater tubercle, frequently subject to dorso-cranial dislocation
  • The reduction result can easily be reviewed by means of craniocaudal X-ray images
  • Easy to manipulate fragments using sutures
  • Can also be used to treat existing (partial) rotator cuff tears
  • 3 head holes
  • angle-stable
  • Titanium
  • For screws Ø 6.0/4.5 mm
  • Plate thickness: 4.5 mm
  • Combination holes in shaft for standard or Ø 4.5 mm angle-stable cortical screws
  • angle-stable holes in the head area for Ø 6.0 mm angle-stable cancellous screws
  • Elongated hole for intra-operative alignment of the plate
  • Fixation holes for Kirschner wires
  • Fixation holes for rotator cuff refixation
  • Uniform plate versions for left and right
  • Anatomical fit for the humeral head
  • Divergent screw position in the head area
  • Available lengths: 73 mm to 249 mm (5-hole to 16-hole)
Other designs
  • Also available in steel


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