LC titanium strip

Art. no. 7.440.01
  • The strip can be retensioned
  • High level of resistance
  • Studs on the “bone-facing” side prevent the strip from slipping and also reduce osseointegration
  • Low osseointegration due to equal distribution of compressive stress over the bones (compared to cables and wires)
  • No disruption of periostal blood supply, as proven in extensive studies
  • Metal removal much easier than with cables or wires, which reduces the operating time
  • Universal use for femur and humerus
  • Material: Pure titanium
  • Length: 260 mm
  • Thickness: 0.4 mm
  • Width: 8.0 mm
  • A studded structure over 70 mm of its length
  • Notches to hook in the strip
  • Clasp to secure the strip
Other designs
    No further designs available.