L-tibial head plate 6.0/4.5 as

Art. no. 5.774.4XX

  • Used as a template for restoration of the bone form
  • Lateral fragments are securely supported by the proximal plate section
  • Can be unilaterally stabilised with 4 screws that can be inserted into the joint block with angle-stable locking:
    • Two screws in the proximal, transverse shank of the plate to ensure optimum distribution of force and support close to the joint for impression fragments
    • The two screws connecting distally point to the cranial medial direction.
    • Divergent screw direction in the plate shaft to reduce notch stress and for increased stability
    • Combination holes in the plate shaft for standard and angle-stable screws
    • 4 angle-stable head holes for angle-stable cortical and cancellous screws
    • Angle-stable shank holes for standard or angle-stable cortical screws
    • Fixation holes for Kirschner wires
    • Anatomically shaped plate design
    • Different plate versions for left and right
  • Titanium
  • Plate thickness 4.5 mm
  • Width 14 mm
  • 3 holes – 16 holes
  • Lengths 79 mm – 287 mm
Other designs
    Also available in steel.