Clavicle clasp plate 3.5 as – the fast solution

Art. no. 5.33X.0X

The clavicle clasp plate 3.5 has plate holes for standard cortical screws 3.5 mm. The clasp direction is anatomically adjusted. The plate shaft is design in a reconstruction design.

  • The titanium screw ensures the best possible anchorage in the bone
  • Large ruptures can be treated
  • Stable anatomical fixation with high tear-out force
  • High contact pressure of the tendon on the bone for the best possible healing outcomes
  • Shorter postoperative immobilisation
  • Low implant costs
  • Cost-effective 
  • Lower revision rate than other implants
  • Reconstruction design
  • Pinpoint to secure the sutures
  • Threaded rod to anchor in the bone
  • Thread-free screw neck to securely knot the cerclage sutures
  • Flat head to avoid irritation
  • With pin
  • Ø 6.0 mm
  • Available lengths: 30 mm / 35 mm / 40 mm


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