Special products


The IMPLANTEX® complete operation set offers users all the important instruments they’ll need to successfully remove metal. With this set, operators are well-equipped in any situation, meaning they can respond to a multitude of situations and complications when removing implants.

Our developers have created a targeted selection of instruments in close collaboration with clinical users. You can thus choose from individual options for removing bone screws. Our instruments allow you to remove different screw types with a diameter of 1.5 mm to 7.0 mm (mini, small and large fragments). The instruments are stored in our perforated baskets which are optimally suited to multiple sterilisation operations. We also offer you a modular system and a version for veterinary activities as smaller variants.

rep ret

The Königsee REP – RET-system provides the instruments for reposition and retention of a fracture in preparation of a definitive osteosynthesis. With the REP-RET-system surgeons may perform a minimally-invasive plate-retention to the bone without being tied to a manufacturer or model. With angle-stable implants there is the possibility of fracture reposition directly with the plate, in order to retain after that.

Cannulated Screws

The use of a guide wire in the metaphyseal and epiphyseal area often seems advantages for placing screws. The guide wire used for repositioning and temporary fixation often lays at the same place at which an interfragmentary screw would have its greatest effect.
The combination of both elements has led to the development of a cannulated screw.

Fractures demand for cannulated screws in various lengths and diameters as well as characteristics. Defined by its purpose the screws are available with the characteristics “self-tapping”, “self-drilling” and “back-tapping”. The Königsee cannulated screws are available mostly in titanium. Some of them are treated with the Königsee-owned TiOB®-procedure.


In order to fulfill the requirements from surgeons and hospitals we offer besides the standard sets single modules which make individual set-configurations possible.

These modules are available with standard configurations which hold the implants for often occurring fractures of the same fragment size. Content of these modules are available for standard and angle-stable large-, small- and minifragment systems consisting of implants and instruments.

Storage systems

Besides the wide portfolio of implants and instruments we also offer various storage solutions for an effective use of the storage space in the hospitals. Our storage systems are available in form of screw basin, sorting banks, autoclavable containers and sterilization containers in various sizes to store and hold implants and instruments securely.

The German Association for Sterilization did award the Radius-Set in 2004 with the price for the most innovative product of the year for the transparency of the sieve-structure. The open design provides very good results during the sterilization process. The rounded construction of the container minimizes the susceptibility for rust film.


Additionally to the optimal implant, we also offer the instruments needed for the special requirements of the surgical treatment.


Here you will find further information about our range of wire.

Combined sets

Our combined sets have two different kinds of screw types. Each with different screw diameters. This configuration makes it possible to store various types of plates in one set. It is a user-friendly alternative to the use of hybrid plates.