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LASA-DR anchor screw

Art-No# 3.73X.XX

In comparison with conventional methods, double-row fixation using the LASA (Lateral Augmentation Screw Anchor) DR screw and a minimum of implants achieves higher maximum tear-out resistance and cyclic load capacity with optimum bone-tendon contact, high contact pressure and rotational stability of the refixed tendon. The two-fold objective is to eliminate the causes of a rotator cuff lesion and to restore functionality to as great an extent as possible. This is only possible if the rotator cuff heals up across the entire area of the footprint.

With the DR-Anchorscrew the following can be achieved:

  • The rotator cuff is pressed against the footprint over a large area (no plication)
  • No relative movement of rotator cuff and bone (translation, rotation)
  • Synovial fluid must be prevented from penetrating between rotator cuff and bone
  • Healing originates at the bone (contact with living bone cells and blood via the thread channels).

The new concept of double-row fixation of the rotator cuff using titanium anchor screws allows the rotator cuff to be reconstructed on the basis of the latest biomechanical and functional findings.

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