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Königsee Cerclage-set, Plates

Art-No# 19.516.00


  • Plate-cable-osteosynthesis for the treatment of periprosthetic femur fractures with laying hip- or knee endoprosthesis, which begins at the shaft and continues into the diaphysis.


  • Implant steel according to DIN ISO 5832-1 ASTM F 139.

Plate design:

  • Optimal anatomic plate design (adjusted to the ante-curvation of the femur).
  • Uniform plate design for left and right.
  • Combi holes in the shaft provide the possibility to insert standard or anglestable screws D 4,5 mm.
  • The notches garantee a slip-proof cable-plate connection, wich prevents the plate from sliding from the bone.
  • The plate notch makes the grouting of the ferrules possible without subsequent loss of tension (the positioning of the ferrules in the notch provides tissue protection).
  • The lower side of the plate was given a low-contact design in order to protect the periost.
  • At each plate-end there is a dynamic compression hole (DC-hole) for a tight locking of skewed fractures and bending wedges.


Code No.          Length          No. of holes/notches
4.2461.10        174 mm                         10/8
4.2461.12        206 mm                         12/10
4.2461.14        238 mm                         14/12
4.2461.16        270 mm                         16/14

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Set CPL-plates
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OP advice
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Angle-stable CPL-plate, stainless steel

Art-No# 4.2461.10

Loop instrument for CPL-treatment

Art-No# 10.265.04/65


Ø 65 - Trochanter-Region:
10.265.04/65 loop instrument for cable ø65mm, large, straight
10.265.03/65 loop instrument for cable ø65mm, large, angled 120°

Ø 50 - Femur shaft:
10.265.04/5 loop instrument for cable ø50mm, medium,straight
10.265.03/50 loop instrumtent for cable ø50mm, medium, angled 120°

Ø 25 - Humerusschaft:
10.265.04/25 loop instrumtn for cable ø25mm, small, straight
10.265.03/25 loop instrument for cable ø25mm, small, angled 120°